Who We Are

Many people today are looking for a church that is true to the Bible and speaks to the needs of our day. The search is complicated by the variety of churches to be found in most communities. Some local churches are faithful to God's Word, but many are not. Some think they are following the Bible but have fallen into serious error.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) is steadfastly committed to the glory of God. She has seen his hand guide, protect, and even reprove her in the short sixty-plus years of her existence. She was born out of persecution for the sake of the gospel, nurtured in adversity, and strengthened as she sought to fulfill her Master's call. She strives to keep her eyes fixed on Christ Jesus, her Savior and Lord. By the strength of His Spirit she endeavors to live righteously in full obedience to his Word, her only rule for faith and life.

In June of 1936, J. Gresham Machen, a Presbyterian minister and professor at Princeton, led 34 ministers, 17 ruling elders, and 79 laymen to constitute what, in 1939, became known as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Early leaders of the Church included men of Dutch Reformed and Scottish Presbyterian backgrounds, such as Cornelius Van Til and John Murray. From the beginning, the OPC has emphasized mission work, both at home and abroad. As a result of church-planting efforts, the OPC has experienced growth. Today, there are approximately 260 churches and mission works in 44 states (and one Canadian province) organized into 16 regional churches, each governed by a presbytery.

Carrying the whole truth of Scripture to the ends of the earth has been important to Orthodox Presbyterians from the outset. The OPC today has missions around the world.